The AHP Energy Audit

Energy Audit Overview
Who should get an Energy Audit
How to Prepare for an Energy Audit
Audit Day: What we do

Energy Audit Overview:

The AHP Energy Audit is a detailed evaluation of your home’s construction and the systems and components that have a direct effect on energy consumption, health, safety and durability. The evaluation includes testing with state of the art diagnostic equipment such as a blower door and infrared camera. At the conclusion of the audit, we compile our inspection observations, test results, improvement recommendations and financial calculations into our easy to understand  Home Comfort and Energy Analysis Report. Among other things, this report prioritizes our recommendations by return on investment so that you can select cost effective home performance improvements that provide the most ” Bang for your Buck”.


Who should have an Energy Audit:

Do you have….

• High utility bills ?
• Rooms that are too hot or too cold ?
• Cold floors?
• Moisture problems including mold or mildew ?
• Uncomfortable drafts ?
• A gas or oil furnace / boiler or gas oven ?
• A home that is 10 or more years old ?
• Excessive dust ?
• Indoor allergens ?
• Ice dams ?

Are you considering…..

• Buying replacement windows ?
• Buying a new furnace / boiler/ air conditioner or heat pump ?
• Selling your home? .
• Buying a home ?

Do you want to…….

• Reduce your utility bills ?
• Help the environment ?
• Reduce your carbon footprint ?

If the answer is yes to any of the above,  you could benefit from an AHP Energy Audit.


How to prepare for your Energy Audit

• Make a list of specific concerns that you would like to have us address.
• Compile 12 consecutive, individual months of energy usage ( as applicable):

12 individual months of total KHW usage for electricity
12 individual months of total Therm usage for gas*
Total gallons of oil for one year and the price per gallon.
Total gallons of propane for one year and the price per gallon

*If you use a gas supplier other than BGE, we will also need the cost per therm. You can compile this information or provide us with copies of your utility bills. If you are unable to obtain 12 months of usage, we can estimate annual consumption.

• Do not use wood burning fireplaces for at least 24 hours prior to the audit.
• Make sure there is clear access to all attic hatches, crawlspaces and utility equipment such as furnaces and hot water heaters.


Audit day: What to expect

The AHP  Energy Audit is comprehensive and typically requires two to three hours to complete. We begin with a brief interview with the homeowner to learn about any specific areas of concern that the homeowner would like to have addressed during the audit.


EXTERIOR:  Our first order of business is a general assessment of the home’s exterior including measurement of ambient Carbon Monoxide levels and leak testing of any gas lines. We evaluate:  water drainage ( roof, gutters, downspouts and grading) ; window and door conditions;  siding, trim and caulking conditions;  foundation condition ( cracks, inspector 127x120penetrations); air conditioner and/or heat pump  condition & efficiency.


INTERIOR: We begin the interior assessment with a safety check  that includes measurement of ambient Carbon Monoxide levels and leak testing of any gas lines. We inspect the interior of your home from basement to attic, evaluating the condition and efficiency of your furnace, boiler and /or heat pump;  hot water heater;  major appliances;  lighting; ventilation and air flow;  insulation levels and  HVAC distribution system.


Bacharach-0024-8515-Fyrite-Insight-Plus-Combustion-Analyzer-App1 110x122COMBUSTION SAFETY ANALYSIS: We conduct a safety analysis of the major combustion appliances in your home ( furnace, boiler, hot water heater and/or oven). We test the output levels of Carbon Monoxide and the draft pressures in the flue(s) to determine if  they are within accepted safe ranges.  We also test the air pressure in the combustion appliance zone to determine changes need to be made to reduce the possibility of back-drafting.


blower door 1 BLOWER DOOR TEST:  The blower door is used to determine how much air leaks into and out of your home. The most  common sources of air leakage  are hidden and undetectable without the blower   door.  In conjunction with the blower door, we  perform  pressure diagnostic tests on    various areas of the home to determine how well sealed they are against the exterior.

INFRARED IMAGING: The infrared camera allows to “look inside” of your walls to determine where you may have missing or degraded insulation or significant air leakage.



home energy report 117x120HOME COMFORT &ENERGY ANALYSIS REPORT:  After a thorough analysis of your home and energy audit, we compile the results into a detailed report complete with photographs, thermal images, health and safety issues, and an explanation of energy loss in your home. We also provide you with customized solutions, cost of implementation, and the projected return on your investment.




"This is a no brainer if you want to save money. My Utility bill was over $700 a month before American Home Performance evaluated my house. I followed their recommendations and my last energy bill was less than half of what it was before. I have recommended Rick and American Home Performance to all of my friends"
Robert T, Annapolis